The Robinsons story started long, long ago- 1823 in fact, when we were known as Matthais Robinsons and co. We were the first drinks company in the world to manufacture Barley and Grouts which, hard to believe, we sold in powder form.

750ml Bottle
750ml Bottle
750ml Bottle
750ml Bottle

Our story really begins in 1935, when a Coleman’s representative created a drink to refresh and hydrate the players of Wimbledon. Combining Barley crystals with lemon juice, sugar and water, Robinsons Barley Water was created and Britain’s love affair with fruit squash was born. 80 years on and we’re still quenching the thirst of the millions of British families playing together every day. We’re extremely proud to be a part of family life, and Wimbledon, to this day.
Each product in our great tasting range is made with real fruit juice and only the highest quality ingredients. There is something for everyone. That’s why the nation still loves the taste of Robinsons.